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Gummy smiles are a common concern affecting many individuals, impacting confidence and self-consciousness about appearance. While not medically alarming, this condition reveals a significant portion of the gums during smiling.

Several factors contribute to a gummy smile, including genetics, gum overgrowth, and a small upper lip. It can also stem from medical conditions like hyperactive upper lip muscles or orthodontic treatments that expose more gum tissue due to teeth movement.

This aesthetic issue not only imbalances the lower face but also creates an illusion of smaller teeth and premature aging.

Botulinum toxin injections offer a popular remedy for gummy smiles. This neuromodulator relaxes the muscles causing excessive gum exposure during smiling, leading to a minimally invasive, safe, and downtime-free treatment.

The procedure involves targeted injections into specific upper lip muscles, lasting a few minutes and causing minimal discomfort. Results become noticeable within days and typically endure for several months, varying based on individual metabolism.

For patients with thin lips and hyperactive lip muscles, we also offer subtle lip augmentation with filler, complementing the effects of gummy smile injections and enhancing overall facial harmony and smile aesthetics.



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  • How does cheek filler work?
    As we age, our supportive fat, collagen and elastin stores deplete in the cheeks causing them to sag and droop. However expertly injecting filler into the cheek area we can restore volume, smooth out sagging or hollow skin and achieve lift by making the cheekbones more defined and youthfully-shaped.
  • Why choose cheek filler?
    Cheek fillers can serve two purposes depending upon what our patients would like to achieve. If a patient presents with volume loss, we can expertly use dermal filler to restore volume and create a natural fulness to the cheeks. Whereas for younger clients we can skilfully place filler to add contour and shape the cheeks and create aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking definition.
  • Does cheek filler hurt?
    For most patients, getting cheek fillers isn’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable. Prior to treatment, we will apply numbing cream to the site of injection, which helps to make the procedure even more comfortable. Many dermal fillers are also formulated with pain-relieving lidocaine. That built-in anaesthetic paired with the numbing cream means you’ll likely barely feel anything beyond the pressure of the filler as it’s injected under your skin.
  • How long do cheek fillers last?
    Cheek filler can last up to 12 months, sometimes longer. However, two weeks post-treatment, we like our patients to come in for a review so our expert doctor can assess your face and see if any additional volume is required. During the year a maintenance appointment may be necessary to further review your face and perform small “tweaks” to keep you looking fresh.



"Best Botox I have had. Very happy with the results! Amazing service and would highly recommend"
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